Communications Department

Media requests should be directed to Sanford Lab's Communications Department. The department also handles photo requests and general inquiries about the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Use the contacts links at right to contact Director of Communications Constance Walter or Multimedia Specialist Matt Kapust.

The Communications Department also:

  • Gives "Deep Science" presentations that allow the public to interact with scientists nearly a mile underground
  • Gives talks to the general public regarding the research at Sanford Lab
  • Maintains the Sanford Lab website
  • Manages Sanford Lab social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube (links above)
  • Publishes Deep Thoughts, a weekly newsletter that offers brief updates on the lab
  • Publishes printed materials, booklets and other information about Sanford Lab
  • Produces videos and assists other departments with a variety of projects
  • Contributes to the Sanford Underground Research Facility's Monthly Newsletter published by the Berkeley Operations Office at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

The Sanford Lab YouTube channel offers several videos about Sanford Lab, including rare interviews with Ray Davis, who earned a Nobel Prize for Physics for his experiment, which ran for nearly 30 years on the 4850 Level of the Homestake gold mine.

To subscribe to Sanford Lab's weekly newsletter, click on Deep Thoughts. Click on SURF Monthly Newsletter to subscribe to the monthly newsletter published by the Berkeley Lab Operations Office.  Press releases are archived at the link in the column at left. The In the News link leads to an archive of news stories about the Sanford Lab.