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Education and Outreach


Sanford Lab's internships provide a unique learning environment in which undergraduate students work with experts from around the world to gain valuable real-world experience.
Interns at neutrino day

We are now accepting applications for 2019 internships. Click here for more information.

Dave Bozied Internships

Open to South Dakota residents and students attending SD universities who major in physics, chemistry, geology, engineering, science education or communication or related disciplines.

Chris Bauer Engineering Internships

Created in memory of Chris Bauer, a former electrical engineer for Sanford Lab, two internships are available to undergraduate engineering students. One is given preference in electrical engineering.
An intern films a scientist

Real-world experiences and fun

Sanford Lab’s commitment to education can be seen in the many outreach programs offered across the region, its efforts to advance science through world-class research, and its generous offerings of summer internships. Up to six undergraduate and graduate students work with scientists, engineers, and safety and health experts from around the globe, gaining valuable real-world experience while helping Sanford Lab meet the challenges of operating the deepest underground science laboratory in the United States.  It's not all work and no play. Every Neutrino Day, our interns help plan and oversee fun kids' activities.  

Interns work on an experiment

Learning in a unique environment

Internships are all about the experience. They help students figure out what they want to do and give them the opportunity to work with people from around the world in a unique environment. All interns are required to go underground so they must be physically able to spend long days below the surface, sometimes under demanding conditions. At Sanford Lab, safety is a priority so interns must undergo safety training and be prepared to work with careful attention to safety at all times. At the end of their 10-week program, interns give a presentation about their experience at Sanford Lab. 

Offering real-world opportunities

The internship program is a big part of Sanford Lab’s education and outreach efforts. Through this competitive program, students gain real-world experience that propels them toward a career in their chosen field.

Job responsibilities depend on experience level and the skills and needs of individual departments at Sanford Lab; some positions require extensive time spent underground. 

  • Science: Interns work underground and on the surface to support current and future physics experiments (dark matter and neutrinos, nuclear astrophysics and low-background counting), as well as biology and geology.

  • Engineering: Engineering projects include planning for future physics experiments as well as renovation and maintenance of surface facilities and underground infrastructure. 

  • Environment, Safety and Health: Interns support ongoing efforts to improve and upgrade the Waste Water Treatment Plant and other projects within Sanford Lab operations and ESH departments.

  • Communications and Education: The work supports ongoing efforts in communicating the science of Sanford Lab to the general public, educators and students of all ages.