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Job Posting
Responsible for assisting with loss control processes, preventing theft, vandalism, and illegal entry by patrolling the property and maintaining watch over the various buildings.

Position Summary

The Security Guard will be responsible for assisting with loss control processes and preventing theft, vandalism, and illegal entry by patrolling the property and maintaining watch over the various buildings.  May be responsible for authorizing individuals to enter property and removing unauthorized individuals.  Will assist with the care and maintenance of property and facility assets.

Functional Responsibilities (include but are not limited to)

Prevents theft, vandalism, and illegal entry to property

  • Patrols buildings and property observing any out of the ordinary conditions.
  • Ensures doors, windows, and gates are locked and secure, and alarm system is activated.
  • Warns loitering individuals and takes proper action to remove them.
  • Alerts proper authorities of any threats to security.
  • Escorts individuals off the property.

Ensures a safe environment

  • Identifies and removes fire and other safety hazards.
  • Reports any broken equipment, locks, windows, etc. to property maintenance.
  • Records any out of the ordinary conditions and incidents.
  • Inventories and maintains safety supplies.
  • Assists with loss control processes.
  • Serves as liaison of local law enforcement, ambulance service, Homeland Security, and the F.B.I.
  • Conducts monthly inspections of property fire extinguishers including those in company vehicles.

Maintains prox lock system

  • Maintains prox lock system database
  • Updates access requirements on 40+ prox locks both surface and underground
  • Installs, maintains, and repairs locks.

Assists with P.P.E.

  • Outfits visitors with proper P.P.E.
  • Cleans, maintains, and repairs mine cap lamps, W65 self-rescuers, SCSR’s, and other safety related equipment.
  • Organizes, maintains, and supplies two P.P.E. rooms.


  • Repairs broken doors, windows, hinges, locks, ceiling tiles, etc.
  • Hangs pictures, bulletin boards, clocks, etc.
  • Responsible for interior painting of property buildings.
  • Removes ice, snow, and debris from sidewalks, security gates, and remote sites.


  • Escorts employees to the local medical facility for random, reasonable suspicion, and post accident testing.
  • Picks up and delivers supplies and materials for various departments.
  • Provides off site support for delivery/pick up of supplies.
  • Provides employee and visitor transportation to all areas of the property.

Desired Qualifications

Experience & Knowledge

  • Experience as a security guard or related field; and monitoring alarm systems.
  • Experience with facility maintenance.
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills.


  • Attention to Detail—ability to maintain constant awareness of surroundings and ensure tasks are completed carefully and accurately.
  • Decision-Making—ability to assess situations, evaluate options, and choose most appropriate course of action.
  • Initiative—ability to persist despite difficult conditions and to make suggestions for improvements.
  • Adaptability—ability to effectively adjust to changing priorities and demands.
  • Organization – Ability to prioritize tasks, manage time, keep order, and coordinate a variety of activities.
  • Communication – Ability to convey information (in writing and orally) in a clear, understandable manner.  Ability to hear clearly via radio, phone, and security monitors.
  • Customer Service – Ability to interact courteously with visitors and discover and address their needs in a pleasant and efficient manner.

Work Requirements

Successful incumbent will be required to: 

  • Ability to perform strenuous physical labor and lift heavy items.
  • Work in all types of conditions (heat, humidity, wet, cold).
  • Work on the surface and underground.
  • Work shifts, weekends, holidays and callouts as scheduled.
  • Ability to be flexible with work schedule including short notice of shift change.
  • Provide proof of a valid driver’s license.

The South Dakota Science & Technology Authority (SDSTA) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer committed to the development of a diverse workforce. Applicants are invited to self-identify as an individual with a disability or as a protected veteran. Forms are available on the website or upon request from Human Resources.