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Educator Resource: Field Trip

Hoistroom Tour

Grab your hardhats and safety glasses! This walking tour will introduce your students to the heart of the system that makes it possible to transport people, and equipment, nearly one mile underground.
Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
Time required
~1 hour

The journey begins at the Education and Outreach building. Students will walk with a guide down several sets of stairs, and then through an underground maintenance tunnel to emerge at the historic Yates hoistroom.

The enormity of the hoists is impressive, but the engineering that went into them will amaze everyone! The tour includes stories of the past and how experiments conducted nearly a mile below at the Sanford Underground Research Facility are supported today.

*Hard hats and safety glasses will be provided.

*Sturdy shoes are required. No sandals, high heels or open-toed shoes will be allowed.