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Educator Resource: Field Trip

Waste Water Treatment Plant Tour

Learn more about how this unique facility operates, including: the active role of microorganisms, modifications to reduce the use of chemicals, and improvements in energy efficiency.
Middle School, High School
Time required
~1 hour

This is not your ordinary water treatment plant tour! During this walking tour, students will hear stories about the history of the facility- from the shutdown of the former Homestake Gold Mine, and subsequent flooding, to the unique challenges of reactivating the plant to meet the needs of an underground science laboratory. Determined plant operators and scientists have made innovative advancements in the field to tackle these issues, setting the bar for waste water treatment across the country.

WWTP Tours ---Thursdays

*Hard hats and safety glasses will be provided.

*Sturdy shoes are required. No sandals, high heels or open-toed shoes will be allowed.