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ESH Manual Page: 1000: Administration and Policy



Purpose - The Sanford Underground Laboratory at Homestake (hereafter referred to as Sanford Lab) seeks to promptly address employee concerns about environment, safety and health issues in the workplace. Resolution of employee concerns/complaints about environment, health, and safety issues should occur at the lowest management level possible. However, if the issue cannot be resolved at this level, the employee has the opportunity to proceed within his/her management chain, or to report the problem using alternative resolution processes described.
Any situation that presents an imminent danger to the safety of an employee, subcontractor, visiting scientist, member of the public, or to the environment must be halted. Once the imminent danger has been mitigated, the concern may be reported.

Scope‌ - The provisions of this chapter apply to all Laboratory employees, subcontractors, scientific users, and guests.


Department Directors are responsible for ensuring that EHS concerns brought to their attention are promptly addressed and corrected where appropriate. In situations where permanent corrective actions cannot be immediately implemented, administrative or other temporary measures which mitigate the concern shall be implemented in the interim, where appropriate. Corrective actions should be monitored until the issue is resolved.

Supervisors shall ensure that ESH concerns brought to their attention are evaluated and addressed as appropriate.

The ESH Department Director is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of an ESH Concern Program, including provisions for anonymity if requested.

Laboratory Employees, Subcontractor Employees, Scientific Users, and Guests: These individuals shall abide by the ESH requirements established by the Sanford Lab for the workplace and to report unsafe conditions or acts to their supervisors for correction. These individuals are encouraged to utilize this policy in situations where their concerns have not been adequately addressed by their supervisors, contact persons, or other appropriate personnel. Subcontractor employees may be subject to separate reporting requirements in accordance with their own employer's requirements and as specified by their subcontract with Sanford Lab. However, the procedures described in this chapter are available for the use of subcontractor employees.


ESH Concerns are to be reported to the supervisor as soon as practical either verbally or by using the 5 Point Safety System Checklist.

An individual may, as an alternative, report their concern to the ESH Director who will maintain their anonymity, if requested, under the following situations:
An individual feels the need to express an EHS concern through a non-routine reporting pathway because the individual is dissatisfied with the existing process or the results of
an inquiry.

An individual fears potential reprisal as a result of expressing a concern within the routine reporting system (Note: Reprisal against an employee who reports a safety situation violates Sanford Lab policy and may lead to disciplinary action).

The ESH concern may be within another department, and the employee is not sure to whom it should be reported.


Appendix A: 5 Point Safety System Checklist
Appendix B: EHS Concerns Reporting Form