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ESH Manual Page: 10000: Material Handing and Transportation

It is the Sanford Underground Laboratory at Homestake (hereafter referred to as Sanford Laboratory) policy that the transportation of people, supplies and equipment will be done in safe manner, with the primary focus on employee protection.    This objective of this document is to outline the requirements for safe travel in the underground environment.

This policy applies to personnel at The Sanford Underground Laboratory at Homestake (hereafter referred to as Sanford Laboratory) including employees, contractors, scientists, visitors, consultants, and all others.

Cross Cut- A secondary drift (tunnel) that intersects at an angle to the primary or main drift (tunnel).
Cutout (Shelter Hole) - A niche in the rib (wall) along a travelway into which one may step to avoid passing trains or other mobile equipment.
Drift- A primary tunnel usually driven with the grain the rock frequently used to denote a main drift with cross cuts going from it to other areas.
Locomotive / Motor / Loci- A locomotive / motor is a battery operated engine (locomotive) consisting of a battery and motor connected to wheels and a cab with controls for the operator’s use to move persons and material on a railroad track system in the underground
Mancars- Railcars with benchseats used to transport persons on a railroad track system in the underground.
Motorperson (Equipment Operators) - The locomotive operator responsible for safely transporting persons and material by means in the underground.


4.1. Sanford Lab Personnel 
A. All Sanford Lab personnel shall adhere to the procedures in this policy.
B. All personnel shall keep all parts of their body within confines of cab and observe clearance at all times.  No one is allowed to ride outside the cab.
C. Personnel are required to wear PPE while riding in the mancar.
D. All personnel shall refuse to permit unsafe practices.  Do not move mancars until everyone is completely within the vehicle and seated safely.  
E. Sanford Lab personnel, when traveling or working in a track entry shall remain alert to the approach of rail traffic.
F. Personnel shall enter a cutout, crosscut, etc. when rail traffic is approaching.

4.2. Motorpersons / Equipment Operators
Motorpersons are responsible for the safe operation of a locomotive for the purpose of transporting persons, material, and rock in the underground.  The motorperson shall safely operate his locomotive by doing the following:
A. Always look in the direction of travel. The light is to be on in the direction of travel.
B. Look at the surroundings to ensure all persons are clear of the equipment before moving.
C. Never transport personnel while transporting explosives.
D. Travel at much slower speeds when visibility is poor, where persons are doing work, near switches, and on grades where high speeds could produce an out-of-control situation.
E. Sound warning devices (horn) when approaching curves, doors, intersections, where persons are working and otherwise where it would alert persons to your approach.
F. Ensure ventilation doors that are designed to be closed, are closed behind you. Do not leave doors open.
G. All persons must be out of the mancars and in the clear when rerailing a train to avoid being struck by or caught in between.

4.3. Technicians
It is the responsibility of Operation’s Technicians to provide proper maintenance of underground locomotives and cars.  This shall include but is not limited to brakes, couplings, lights, and warning devices.

4.4.  Operations Department Management
A. It is the responsibility of Operations Department management to ensure Sanford Lab personnel are properly trained and qualified in accordance with this policy.
B. Provide an ample number of conveyances so personnel can ride within the confines of the vehicle.
C. Ensure close clearance areas are designated with warning signs, reflectors, horns, lights, etc.

4.5. Operations Department line management is responsible for ensuring Sanford Lab personnel adhere to this policy.
EHS Department
The EHS Department is responsible to ensure that training required by this policy is conducted.

5.1. Horn

A horn shall be sounded when a motor approaches anywhere (door, curve, etc.) that will alert persons to the locomotive’s approach.

5.2. Mine Lamp Signaling System

  • Go away from me – Move light straight up and down
  • Come towards me – Move light in a circular motion
  • Stop – Move light from side to side

Mine Lamp Signaling System