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Reports and publications: Science Paper
Science Paper

We present new limits on exotic keV-scale physics based on 478 kg d of Majorana Demonstratorcommissioning data. Constraints at the 90% confidence level are derived on bosonic dark matter (DM) and solar axion couplings, Pauli exclusion principle violating (PEPV) decay, and electron decay using monoenergetic peak signal limits above our background. Our most stringent DM constraints are set for 11.8 keV mass particles, limiting gAe<4.5×10−13 for pseudoscalars and (α′/α)<9.7×10−28for vectors. We also report a 14.4 keV solar axion coupling limit of geffAN×gAe<3.8×10−17, a 12β2<8.5×10−48 limit on the strength of PEPV electron transitions, and a lower limit on the electron lifetime of τe>1.2×1024  yr for e−→ invisible.


N. Abgrall et al. (Majorana Collaboration)