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SURF Foundation
Scroll down to show your support for this important project at SURF. All donations at the $1,500 or higher level may choose one print. Donate $5,000 or more to receive all four.

Make a statement in your home or office with these beautiful images of four sacred sites in the Black Hills (Paha Sapa or He Sapa): the Badlands, Black Elk Peak, Bear Butte and Bear Lodge. Just 100 of these prints will be produced to support the construction of the Sacred Circle Garden at Sanford Underground Research Facility. Each image mirrors one sacred site featured in the design of the garden.

The images are bonded to brushed aluminum using a metal dye sublimation process, which leaves each piece extra durable, easy to clean and incredibly vibrant. Part science experiment, part printing, the process uses heat to infuse special dyes onto a pre-coated aluminum sheet. It starts by printing an image onto a sheet of transfer paper, using top-of-the-line inkjet printers. The transfer paper and metal are then heated to 400 degrees, turning the dyes into a gas, permanently infusing the image to the aluminum.

When all is said and done, the prints are protected beneath the exterior coating. The finished piece is scratch resistant, maintains its color in any light conditions and can be wiped clean with common household cleaning products.

All prints will be numbered and laser etched with the words "Protect, Respect, Understand" on the back. Each print will include a certificate of authenticity that records the title of the work, the artist’s name, the edition size and the print’s number within the edition. 

Display your 36" x 24" prints on any wall using the included stainless steel mounting posts. This unique hanging hardware off-sets the image from the wall and is sure to be eye catching.

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