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Impact and History

A lasting impact and a legacy of discovery
A collage of images of the various experiments at Sanford Lab.

Science impact

Sanford Lab's dedication to science, research and development and engineering, as well as its innovative approach to education, make it a world-leading science facility.
Students conduct experiments at the Lab

Education Impact

Sanford Lab's education team uses hands-on learning and 3-Dimensional instruction to transform teaching and learning in K-12 STEM classes.
Economic Impact graphic

Economic impact

Through regional spending and job creation—both direct hires at Sanford Lab and jobs generated by large science projects on-site—Sanford Lab has created a ripple of impacts throughout the state.
Ray Davis look in a tank being built for a solar neutrino experiment.

Our History

For 125 years, Homestake delved deep for gold. In 2006, the mine became a dedicated research facility where scientists probe the depths of space to learn more about our place in the universe.