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Sanford Lab celebrates 10 years of celebrating science at our free festival
Constance Walter

Are you ready for an exciting, fun-filled Neutrino Day?

This year, Sanford Lab celebrates 10 years of celebrating science with Neutrino Day X, 2018. The free science festival takes place Saturday, July 14, in locations throughout Lead. Join us for hoistroom tours, science activities and exhibits, live video chats with scientists at Fermilab and underground at Sanford Lab, and enlightening presentations about science and big engineering.

This year’s keynote speaker is Ariel Waldman, an author and the founder of Waldman’s mission is to enlighten others on how anyone can actively contribute to the furthering of science and space exploration in clever new ways. Waldman has worked with NASA and appeared on the SyFy and Science Channel. To learn more about Waldman, visit her at

Christopher Mossey, the deputy director for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF), will give a presentation on the engineering behind the largest international DOE project ever hosted on U.S. soil. Construction on the project begins this year at Sanford Lab. Mossey, a retired and decorated rear admiral with the United States Navy, has more than three decades of experience leading the design and construction of environmental and facility programs for the Department of the Navy.

Visitors can begin their day with a tour of the Yates hoistroom. Tours begin at 8:30 a.m. with the last one at 3 p.m.; the tours are free, but visitors are required to get a ticket and schedule a time. Just stop at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center, 160 W. Main, Lead. You’ll want to get your tickets early as there is a limited number available.

Throughout Neutrino Day, visitors can participate in activities for kids of all ages; view displays about science and participate in wild science demonstrations with “Science Steve” Rokusek. Live videochats with Sanford Lab scientists on the 4850 Level and at Fermilab will be held at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. Guests can also tour the Visitor Center’s exhibit hall and see a geology demonstration on the observation deck overlooking the Open Cut.

A detailed schedule will be out soon.