Field Trips

Learning beyond the classroom. Bring your students to SURF where they can experience STEM principles in action.

We offer a variety of tours, presentations, and hands-on activities for students. Let our knowledgeable team of educators work with you to design a fun and educational experience.

Please keep in mind that opportunities to visit SURF are limited.

  • Fall on-site visits in September and October.
  • Spring on-site visits in April and May.

Complete the request form or contact us at the email below to discuss details.


Virtual Options

Thanks to 360° video technology, and our Communications Department, we can take ANY classroom on a virtual tour of the Sanford Underground Research Facility!

  • Davis Campus 4850' (Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School)
  • Hoistroom Tour  (Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Tour (Middle School, High School)

Many of the activities below can also take place virtually.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss field trip options, send us an email  and one of our team members will be in touch.