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The Institute for Underground Science at SURF

The Institute creates collaborative opportunities for researchers from around the world, enhances teaching and learning areas, and develops partnerships that advance discovery and exploration.

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The Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) houses world-leading, multidisciplinary research and incorporates that research into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. To deepen our impact, we have launched the Institute for Underground Science at SURF (The Institute). 

The Institute creates opportunities to collaborate with scientists and researchers worldwide, enhance teaching and learning areas, and develop partnerships that advance discovery and exploration. Programs at The Institute include science conferences and symposia, higher education workshops, science talks for scientists and the public, and scholarships for undergraduate students.

When built, The Institute will include collaborative spaces for interdisciplinary research, classrooms, conference rooms, casual gathering areas, and, of course, coffee. Bringing together global research institutions and a team of SURF professionals will help us better understand how to provide unique and impactful resources as we improve, develop, build, and implement a fully realized Institute for Underground Science, located at SURF.


CETUP Science Workshop

  • Promotes organized research in underground science worldwide in a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. 

Deeper Talks

  • Strengthens the sense of intellectual community, giving researchers a platform to share insights and foster interdisciplinary connections globally. 

QuarkNet Lead Teacher Cornerstone Workshop

  • Provides science teachers the means to develop their skills and bring real “particle physics” research experience into the high school classroom. 

Higher Education Connections Workshop

  • Fosters collaboration among South Dakota universities, supports student academic achievement, builds the SD workforce of tomorrow, and leverages multidisciplinary research opportunities and partnerships.

Davis-Bahcall Scholars Program

  • Supports science-curious students with an opportunity to connect with peers and mentors in the U.S. and U.K., while exploring the modern world of STEM research. 

Funding for programs at The Institute is provided by the SURF Foundation.