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Each year, SURF recognizes the efforts of those working to advance Communications and Outreach Experiences in Science.

The CORES Award is given annually by the Sanford Underground Research Facility to an individual, group, business or organization that supports Communications and Outreach Experiences in Science within the region. The award is presented at SURF's Deep Talks: Nobel Day in December each year.  

Nominations are accepted annually. Nominees who meet the criteria will be forwarded to the CORES Award selection committee. The selection committee considers the candidate’s ongoing support for science education—whether through sponsorships or service—in a way that demonstrates a passion for science and a visible commitment to science outreach.

Nominees for the CORES Award should meet the following criteria:

A demonstrated ongoing commitment to public outreach in STEM within the Black Hills region. This commitment may include the following:

  • Communication efforts that raise awareness about the sciences that are readily available to the public and are ongoing:
    1. Events
    2. Demonstrations/presentations
    3. Speaking engagements
    4. Content creation (video, blogs, etc.) that features the sciences.
  • Donations, gifts-in-kind, and sponsorships that support programming for public education in the sciences.

Current SDSTA staff and SDSTA E&O are not eligible for the award. This award is intended to recognize efforts in public outreach that raise awareness about science.

Submit a Nomination for the CORES Award

Past winners:

  • 2018 Crow Peak Brewing Company
  • 2019 Steven Rokusek
  • 2020 Black Hills Energy