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Environment, Safety, and Health Advisory Committee

Advises the SDSTA on all aspects of the overall ESH program and implementation.


The Environment, Safety and Health Advisory Committee (ESHAC) advises the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority (SDSTA) Board of Directors and Executive Director, and Environment, Safety, and Health Director on all aspects of the overall ESH program and implementation.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Conduct a critical oversight and examination of ESH performance and plans

  • Provide feedback on proficiencies and performance gaps and recommend corrective actions to close gaps
  • Provide advice on best ESH management practices to employ at SURF
  • Advise on incident and accident reporting, investigation, causal analysis and corrective action development and other performance needs
  • Advise on development and maintenance of continuous improvement, lessons learned and operational experience improvement
  • Suggest focus areas as needed to address specific technical or programmatic evaluations
  • Respond to other evaluations and requests by the SDSTA Executive Director or SDSTA ESH Director

Committee Membership

Committee Members are external experts in Environment, Safety and Health specialties and management relevant to SURF, including those from the Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories and research user facilities. 

The committee meets annually and reports its findings and recommendations to the SDSTA and SURF leadership.

Committee Members