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Resources for educators
SURF's professional development workshops leverage research-informed teaching techniques and innovative science to transform the teaching of K-12 science in South Dakota.

Excitement is contagious. When teachers are passionate about a subject, they pass that excitement along to their students.

Our education specialists are transforming the teaching of K-12 STEM in South Dakota through professional development workshops designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. 

SURF’s Professional Development workshops:

  • Connect teachers to the innovative science at SURF
  • Utilize a 3-dimensional teaching and learning approach
  • Leverage real phenomena and unsolved questions being explored underground
  • Shift students from “learning about” a topic to “figuring out” for themselves


Summer 2024 Professional Development opportunities

This summer the Education and Outreach team from Sanford Underground Research Facility will be offering will be offering two 5-day workshops.


Teaching OUTSIDE Your Element (face-to-face)   **NEW**

June 10-14


Implementing Three Dimensional Science Instruction (virtual)   *REPEAT*

July 15-19


For questions, or more information, please contact