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The Facility

The Sanford Underground Research Facility hosts world-leading research experiments in physics, biology, geology and engineering.
A panoramic view of SURF

Directions and Weather

Directions, weather and travel information.

Visitor information

All visitors must have an appointment prior to arrival

Sanford Underground Research Facility Overview

The dedicated underground scientific research facility is located in Lead, South Dakota, at the former site of the Homestake Gold Mine.

South Dakota Science and Technology Authority

The SDSTA manages the Sanford Underground Research Facility.
Left side is the Davis Cavern before outfitting. On the right is the Davis Cavern after outfitting

The Davis Campus

In 2012 the Davis Campus was dedicated as the deepest underground science facility in the United States.
The Ross Shaft Headframe on a sunny and snowy day.

The Ross Shaft

Reaching the 4850 Level is a major milestone that moves the team—and science—one step closer to a larger goal
The Yates Shaft headframe

The Yates Shaft

The Yates Shaft is the 5,000-foot life line that provides everything science needs to operate, including supplies, equipment and access to science experiments and underground infrastructure.
The Waste Water Treatment Plant at Sanford Lab

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Follow the journey of a water drop as it enters the underground then is pumped back to the surface for treatment.